Serve from anywhere

iCampus like our other campuses has many great ways for you to use your gifts and talents, but from just about anywhere. Many opportunities to serve are online or can be done from wherever you are.

Why Serve

God design the church in such a way that each of us has a valued role particularly suited for us (gift), but the problem is that we don’t always know what it is.

(A video will be added here) What is Meant by Spiritual Gifts?

The way we use gifted or gift usually falls into the category of natural talents that God gives to Christians and non-Christians alike. Spiritual gifts a gifts are possessed by Christians with the purpose of building and strengthening each other and extending our reach to an unbelieving world.

(1 Corinthians 12:4-7; Ephesians 4:16)
iCampus Serving Opportunities

Zion Gathering Host

A Zion Gathering is the gathering of friends, family, and other close by Zion iCampus Attenders to watch the Sunday live experience in a home. The hosts role is to turn on the Television and to create an inviting environment, with very light snacks (Regular gathering guest share in bringing snacks). iCampus Serving Roles and Responsibilities

Chat Host

Monitors the chat content, greets everyone, answers brief campus related questions with a goal of creating meaningful dialog that leads to a new step along their spiritual journey.

Live Prayer Responder

Responds to live prayer requests during the iCampus service (similar to instant messaging) with a goal of creating meaningful dialog that leads to a new step along their spiritual journey.

Banner/Notes Manager

Push prepared banners to the screen (window under the video window). The goal is to enhance the message or worship, or to promo an iCampus announcement.


Community Coordinator

Coordinate the iCampus community for various events and activities including online small groups and Zion Gatherings.

Social Media Manager

Manage iCampus updates for social media (e.g. Twitter and Facebook) and help create social media opportunities to foster meaningful dialog that leads to new steps along their spiritual journey.

Outreach and Missions Campus Liaison

Work with Zion outreach team to help coordinate iCampus participation in outreach and missions, including assisting iCampus members who wish to serve through Mission Trips

Live Streaming Production Team

Setting up, monitoring and recording the live video stream for the Internet Campus. (Must be local to the Landover MD campus)

College Gathering Team

College Gathering Host

To provide students on college campuses with opportunities to gather and watch the Sunday Service, while growing in their faith and building positive connections with other like minded students. Help students start and sustain a Zion experience on their campus.

Gatherings Coordinator

This role is responsible for responding to student inquiries, seeing students through the launch process. This includes the following:

Sending resources

Following up on the success of campus gathering.
Fostering relationships with campus organizations.

Technical Set-up

This role is responsible for assisting the student in getting set up technically on their campus. This includes the following:

  • Providing students with a list of items needed to set up
  • Provide cords if needed

FYI: We do not provide laptops or televisions

Care Package Coordinator

Director of College Gatherings Care Package Team

This individual is responsible for continuing to share and grow the vision of the care package division of Zion College Gatherings. This includes the following:

  • Finalizing items for each package
  • Collecting, assigning and handling sponsors
  • Building, managing and leading the care package team
  • Following up and connecting with students to ensure that packages have been received.

Care Package Team

Members of this team are responsible for identifying items for care packages and putting them together. 

Serving Application